Safety Instructions

Storage and Handling Precautions

• Keep away from heat and spark sources.
• Store under shade, away from direct sunlight.
• Keep the containers closed in storage.
• Never breath the dust, mist, gas, vapors from the container.
• Use the paint in ventilation.
• Storage temperature of each product is different and varies according to the nature of the product.
• Shelf life of each product varies according to the composition of the product.


• Do not wipe the place with solvent.
• Thoroughly spread saw dust and sand on the spilled paint.
• Gather the mixture, store in some waste drum and dispose-off according to local environmental regulations.
• Never throw out the paint in open garbage areas where fire is normal.


In case of eye contact
• Wash with plenty of flowing fresh water.
• Immediately consult a physician.
In case of inhalation (if the person feels dizziness or unconsciousness)
• Provide artificial breathing if needed.
• Move the person to an open, fresh air area.
• Consult a doctor.
In case of ingestion
• Drink plenty of water or milk.
• Do not induce vomiting & consult a doctor.
In case of skin contact (if irritation is felt)
• Wash with plenty of water and soap.
• Consult a doctor if irritation continues.