Wood Shield Sanding Sealer

Product Scope

Buxly Wood Shield Sanding Sealer is a designed for use on wooden furniture, windows, doors, kitchen cabinets and other wooden structures. Buxly Wood Shield Sanding Sealer can be used on wood stains as well as bare wood surface after proper surface preparation. It is used to seal the pores and imperfections on wood surface and provides excellent moisture resistance. For exterior substrates, Buxly Wood Shield Sanding Sealer must be overcoated with Buxly Wood Shield Lacquer.

Product Application

Buxly Wood Shield Sanding Sealer is a blend of suitable resins with chosen additives and extenders which impart an extraordinary smoothness, film clarity, toughness, flexibility, filling properties and moisture resistance to the product.


Available in 1, 4 and 20 liters pack sizes.

Technical Information

Type of Product Single Pack – Air Drying
Priming Coat None
Finish Matt – Semi-Gloss
Color Milky White – Pale Yellow
Flash Point >10° C

Application Information

Application Method Brush/Conventional Spray/Cloth Pad
Application Viscosity Depends on method of application
Solvent/Cleaner Buxly Wood Shield Thinner
Number of Coats 2–5 Coats (thin coats are recommended)
Surface Dry Time 05–10 Minutes
Hard Dry Time 20–30 Minutes
Over-Coat Time 1–2 Hours

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