Wall Putty

Product Scope

Buxly Wall Putty is a ready-to-use water based putty that provides a protective base for your expensive paints. Its superior water resisting properties prevent paint from flaking. It is used to fill-in pores in walls and ceilings, so you get a smooth & dry surface.

Product Application

Buxly Wall Putty is applicable with blades specifically designed for this purpose. It can be thinned down with water by a ratio of 1:1 for application.


Available in 5 and 30 kg pack sizes.

Technical Information

Type Water Based Air Drying
Viscosity by STORMER Viscometer @ 25°C 62–70 KU when thinned as (Paint:Water = 1:1) by weight
Structure Bodied
Specific Gravity 1.56–1.65
pH 8.0–8.5
Color White
Drying Time 2–3 Hours (Depending on Temp. & Humidity)
Recoating Time 4 Hours Minimum (Depending on Temperature & Humidity)
Covering 5–7 m2 per kg per coat (Depending upon surface porosity)
Shelf Life As long as the container is kept firmly sealed and stored under normal condition, the material can be kept up to 6 (six) months without deterioration

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