Stoving Flamboyant Finish

Product Scope

Buxly Stoving Flamboyant finish is a well-balanced translucent type of flamboyant finish with highly selective light fast pigments and special resins to give excellent gloss, light fastness, durability and resistance to gasoline. It is applied over Buxly Hi Sparkles paint to give flamboyant effect.

Product Application

Buxly Stoving Flamboyant finish is a balanced formula blended with top quality alkyd/amino type of resins, selective additives and specialized pigments which impart its exceptional color retention, high gloss and smooth finish coupled with film flexibility, hardness and solvent resistance.

Technical Information

Type of Product Single Pack–Stoving
Specific Gravity 0.95–1.05
Grind > 7
Pack Viscosity 70–80 Seconds @ F-4 Cup @ 30° C
Gloss (Full System) 90 % @ 60° SHEEN Head @ 35–40 μm
Color Flamboyant Red
Stoving Schedule 135 ± 5° C @ 29–31 Minutes (PMT)
Flash Point 23° C
Finish Full Gloss
Cross Hatch 97/100–100/100
Gasoline Resistance (After 3 hours of baking) 7 Hours (Full System)
Pencil Hardness Passes H Grade
Salt Spray Test 96 Hours
Flexibility Passes Conical Mandrel
MEK Test Passes 10 Rubs

Application Information

Application Method Conventional, Pressure Feed, Electrostatic Spray
Spray Viscosity 18–20 Sec @ F-4 @ 25° C
Solvent/Cleaner Buxly’s Stoving Thinner
Number of Coats 2 Coats
Dry Film Thickness 35–40 μm
Inter-Coat Time 05–10 Minutes (depending on booth temperature)
Flash-Off Time 10–15 Minutes (depending on booth temperature)
Recommended Booth Conditions Temperature: 25–30° C Relative Humidity: 55–70 %

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