Silikote Paint SC-11

Product Scope

Buxly Silikote Paint SC-11 has good heat resisting properties and can be applied on structures exposed to heated surfaces and surfaces where outstanding gloss, color retention and weather resistance is required. It has outstanding performance as a protective coating on ships and marine installations.

Product Application

Buxly Silikote Paint SC-11 is suitable for metal structures, water tank exteriors, pipe work, generators, compressors and stacks up to temperature 250° F (121°C).

Technical Information

Type Single Pack
Viscosity @ 25°C 90 seconds minimum Ford Cup B4
Pigmentation Depends upon shade, pigments with good UV and heat resistant properties
Colors Available White, Black, Grey and Pastel Shades
Weight per Liter Depending on shade varies from 980 to 1.15 kg/Liter
Application Conventional and airless spray
Spreading Rate 6–9 m² per Liter
Dry Film Thickness 30 Microns per coat
Drying Time a) Surface Dry : 1 – 2 Hours
b) Hard Dry : 18 Hours
c) Recoat : 24 Hours
Number of Coats 2 Coats
Finish and Gloss Smooth, Semi-gloss/glossy
Flexibility Flexible over 6 mm mandrel
Salt Spray Resistance Resists more than 240 hours when applied as a system and tested according to BS 3900
Accelerated Weathering: Resists more than 1000 hours when applied as a system, and tested according to BS 3900
Thinner Buxly’s Thinner for Mixing
Packing 4 and 20 Liters pack sizes
Storage Stability One year when stored properly in original sealed container at 15 to 35°C

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