Polyurethane Enamel (PU)

Product Scope

Buxly Polyurethane Enamel is supplied as a two component system. This coating has been designed for structures exposed to aggressive climatic conditions and structures exposed to acid, alkaline and other such chemical vapors. Chalk resistance, weather resistance, light fastness and gloss retention are its main features which mark it as an outstanding long life coating.

Product Application

Buxly Polyurethane Enamel can be applied on steel, wood and concrete structures exposed to aggressive climatic or environmental conditions. It is applied by spray or brush.

Technical Information

Type Two Pack
Composition Selected weather resistant pigments in acrylic polyurethane binder,
cured with aliphatic isocyanate hardener
Mixing Ratio Component A : 2 Parts by volume
Component B : 1 Parts by volume
Pot Life of Mixed Paint 6 hours at 25°C
Application Brush or Spray (conventional/airless)
Drying Time a) Surface Dry : 1-2 Hours
b) Tack Free : 3-4 Hours
c) Recoat : 16 Hours
Average Spreading Rate 8–10 m2 per Liter
Dry Film Thickness 45 + 5 Microns
Coats Recommended 2–3 coats
Finish and Gloss Smooth, Semi-glossy/Glossy finish
Volume Solids when Mixed 52 + 5
Thinner PU Thinner
Packing 4 Liters pack size
Storage Stability Six months, when stored properly in original sealed container at 15 to 35°C

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