Paint Remover

Product Scope

Buxly Paint Remover is designed to remove various kinds of paint films including tough types of epoxies and polyurethanes without affecting the substrate surfaces. It can be safely used on ferrous as well as non-ferrous substrates for paint removal. Buxly Paint Remover is not recommended to be used on wood, concrete and other types of porous substrates.

Product Application

Buxly Paint Remover is a blend of selected components which not only remove the tough types of paint films but also prevent the damage to surfaces prone to various types of chemicals. It is non-flammable, alkaline type of paint stripper supplied in ready-to-use consistency.

Technical Information

Type of Produc Single Pack
Odour Mild organic odour
Grind Bit free–Clear
Color Translucent white
Viscosity Thixotropic
Flash Point Above 90°C
Specific Gravity 1.13–1.20
Stripping Time 03–15 Minutes
Washing Solvent/Cleaner Fresh Water
Application Viscosity Ready to be used consistency
Packing 4 and 20 Liters pack sizes

Application Procedure

Buxly Paint Remover is applied with brush, spatula or knife filler on the surface and is left for 10 – 15 minutes for complete action. During this time, paint will start showing wrinkling and consequently lifting. When this stage is attained, remove the flaking film of paint with some scrapper (better to use plastic scrappers to avoid the substrate surface damage). In case of very old paint films or multiple coat films, a second coat may also be required. For more better and quick results, cover the paint remover applied film with paper or cellophane paper and when the paint film starts flaking, remove the cover.

Storage and Handling Precautions

  • Keep under shed, away from direct sunlight, heat and spark sources.
  • Keep the containers closed in storage.
  • Never breath the dust, mist, gas and vapors from the container.
  • Use the paint remover in ventilation.
  • Store below 35°C for best performance.
  • As long as container is firmly sealed and stored under recommended storage conditions, product can be used within 6 months of manufacturing date.
  • While opening the packing of Paint Remover special care must be taken to avoid the expected splash of contents in case of high environment temperatures.

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