Mixing Thinner

Product Scope

Buxly Mixing Thinner is a pure blend of selective solvents and is designed for a variety of purposes. It is a special solvent for Air-drying enamels where it imparts a flawless smooth finish to the paint film. It can also be used as degreasing/cleaning solvent for substrates to be coated with a/d enamels.

Product Application

Buxly Mixing Thinner is composed of a blend of mineral oils with the highest levels of percentage purity.

Technical Information

Type of Product Single Pack
Specific Gravity 0.75–0.81
Color Water White
Flash Point >30°C
Packing 3.64, 4, 20 and 200 Liters pack sizes


  • Air Drying Enamels
  • Air Drying Varnishes
  • Air Drying Primers
  • Wiping Solvent for above paints

Storage and Handling Precautions

  • Keep away from heat and spark sources.
  • Store under shade, away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the containers closed in storage.
  • Never breath the dust, mist, gas and vapors from the container.
  • Use the paint in ventilation.
  • Store below 35°C for best performance.
  • As long as container is firmly sealed and stored under recommended storage conditions, product can be use within 1 year of manufacturing date.

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