Insulating PU Varnish 605

Product Scope

Buxly Insulating PU Varnish 605 is a synthetic resin based stoving insulating varnish which has a flexible baking schedule from 90°C to 130°C depending on the size of the object being applied with. The resulting film of Buxly Insulating PU Varnish 605 is clear, tough, water and oil resistant. It is an ideal insulation solution for small electrical windings and coils. It has good penetration power and can be used by both hot as well as cold dip processes.

Product Application

Buxly Insulating PU Varnish 605 is based on special synthetic resins incorporated with specialized additives which provide excellent adhesion, curing, oil and water resistance. Buxly Stoving Insulating Varnish is supplied at 25 – 35 Sec @ F-4 @ 30° C and need not to be thinned prior to application. However, if thinning is required, only Buxly Mixing Thinner is recommended.

Technical Information

Type of Product Single Pack Force Drying/Baking
Color Clear–Straw Color
Pack Viscosity 25–30 Sec @ 30° C @ F4 Cup
Specific Gravity 0.88–0.92
Grind Clear
Flash Point >30° C
Baking Schedule 90–100° C @ 45 Minutes
120–130° C @ 30 Minutes
Electrical Strength 800 Volts/Thou @ 20° C after 7-Days of Curing
600 Volts/Thou @ 90° C after 7-Days of Curing
NVM (By Weight) 41 ± 2 %

Application Information

Application Method Cold/Hot Dip
Application Viscosity As per requirement of substrate
Solvent/Cleaner Buxly Mixing Thinner
Flash-Off Time 15 Minutes–01 Hour

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