High Build Epoxy Finish EP-F-10

Product Scope

Buxly High Build Epoxy Finish EP-F-10 is an excellent chemical resisting protective finish for painting steel structures, wood and concrete surfaces. It is a two component system.

Product Application

EP-F-10 is used for application on surfaces of pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, fertilizer, chemical industries, refineries, tanneries and laboratories. High Build Epoxy coatings are resistant to acids, alkalis, sour crude oil, furnace and diesel oil, sea water, sewage water and detergents etc.

Technical Information

Type Two Pack
Composition Selected organic and inorganic chemical and weather resistant pigments in epoxy resin binder, cured with polyamide hardener
Mixing Ratio Component A : 2 Parts by volume
Component B : 1 Part by volume
Pot Life of Mixed Paints 3–4 Hours at 25°C
Application Brush/Roller/Spray
Drying Time a) Surface Dry : 1 – 2 Hours
b) Tack Free : 6 – 8 Hours
c) Recoat : 18 – 24 hours
d) Over Coating : Six days max
Complete Curing of Film At least 96 hours, 7 days recommended
Average Spreading Rate 6–8 m2 per Liter
Dry Film Thickness 45 + 5 Microns
Coats Recommended 2–3 Coats on primed surface
Finish Smooth, Full Glossy
Volume solids when mixed 50 + 3 %
Primer Buxly’s Epoxy Primer EP-R-10
Packing 4 Liters pack size
Storage Stability Six months, when stored properly in original sealed container at 15 to 35°C

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