FCR Wash Primer

Product Scope

Buxly FCR Wash Primer is a two component pretreatment intermediate between non-ferrous substrates and surface coating. This primer is used to provide proper adhesion on difficult substrates such as aluminum, brass, etc.

Product Application

Typically applied on galvanized, aluminum parts and can be used along with primers that are rich in zinc. Wash Primer in general is recommended for a variety of substrates such as stainless steel, aluminum, galvanizing and top coats.

Technical Information

Type Two Pack
Composition Polyvinyl butyric binder, corrosion inhibiting pigments, inert extenders, blends of solvents and suitable additives
Mixing Ratio Component A : 1 Part by volume
Component B : 2 Parts by volume
Mixing Take specified volumetric ratio of Wash Primer Component A and Hardener Component B, and mix thoroughly for 3 – 5 minutes. Mix only that quantity of Wash Primer you can use in two hours
Pot Life of Mixed Component Six Hours at 25°C
Application Spray
Drying Time a) Surface Dry : 7-10 Minutes
b) Recoat : After 30 Minutes min
Average Spreading Rate 7–8 m2 per liter
Dry Film Thickness 7–8 Microns
No. of Coats 1 Coat
Finish Smooth Matt
Volume Solids When Mixed 6 + 1 %
Packing 4 Liters pack size
Storage Stability Six months, when stored properly in original sealed container at 15 to 35°C

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