Chlorinated Rubber Based Primer

Product Scope

Buxly Chlorinated Rubber Based Primer has good film forming properties, fast solvent release, low water vapor permeability, excellent chemical resistance and is easy to apply. This coating has excellent weather resistance and good resistance to a wide range of chemicals including aqueous solutions of acids, alkalis, corrosive gases, high alkalinity of concrete and asbestos.

Product Application

Buxly Chlorinated Rubber Based Primer is suitable for structures of all types exposed to sea water or chemicals i.e. bridges, transmission towers, plants, buildings, electrical industries, exposed pipelines and storage tanks.

Technical Information

Type Single pack
Viscosity @ 25°C 90 ± 10 Seconds Ford Cup B 4
Binder Type Non Saponifiable plasticized Chlorinated Rubber
Pigment Anti-corrosive and inert pigments
Colors Red Oxide
Application Brush/Roller/Airless Spray
Spreading Rate 6–9 m2 per Liter (depending on surface)
Drying Time a) Surface Dry : Within 1 Hour
b) Recoat : 08 Hours
c) Hard Dry : 16 Hours
Dry Film Thickness 30–35 Microns per coat
Number of Coats 1–2 Coats
Finish Smooth, Egg Shell
Flexibility Flexible over 6 mm mandrel, when tested according to B.S.3900
Thinner Buxly’s Thinner for CR Paint
Packing 4 and 20 Liters pack sizes
Storage Stability One year when stored properly in original sealed container

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