Buxlac Emulsion

Product Scope

Buxlac Emulsion is a fine quality smooth emulsion. It provides a smooth finish and covers more area than other emulsions.

Product Application

For thinning, mix equal quantity of water. For porous surfaces, additional quantity of water may be necessary in the first coat in order to satisfy surface porosity.


Available in 3.64, 14.56 liters and 30 kg pack sizes.

Technical Information

Type Water Based Air Drying
Viscosity by STORMER Viscometer @25° C 102–108 KU (Paint 90 : Water 10) parts by weight
pH 8.0–8.5
Finish Matt
Color Assorted Colors
Application Brush/Roller
Thinning Ratio for Application (Paint 1 : Water 1) by volume (Depending upon the absorbency of the substrate)
Recommended no. of Coats 3–4 Coats
Surface Dry 1 Hour
Recoating 2 Hours
Covering 11–15 m2 per Liter per coat (depending upon the absorbency of the substrate)
Shelf Life 18 months, if kept properly sealed within normal temperature

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