Bituminous Paint Black

Product Scope

Buxly Bituminous Paint is based on special grades of bitumen and thinners. It has excellent corrosion resistance properties, an economical coating and gives very good adhesion to metals and plastered surfaces. All metal surfaces coated with Bituminous Paint Black will be protected from water, humidity and rusting.

Product Application

An ideal coating for drinking water tanks, water pipelines, electrical conduit pipelines, structural steel, iron sheets and fences etc. Also acts as waterproofing coat on cement works and R.C.C., wood can also be protected against termite and white ants by using bituminous solution. It is recommended to apply very thin coat on wood work.

Technical Information

Type Single Pack
Composition Special grades of bitumen and thinners
Colors Black only
Application Can be applied by spray or brush
Drying Time a) Surface Dry : Within 6 Hours
b) Hard Dry : Within 24 Hours
Average Spreading Rate 8–12 m2 per litre, depending on surface
Number of Coats Minimum 2 recommended
Finish Smooth, semi-gloss to glossy
Flexibility Good
Adhesion to Concrete & Wood Good
Weather Resistance Excellent
Sunlight Resistance Good
Water Resistance Excellent
Packing 5 and 20 Litres pack sizes
Storage Stability One year when stored properly in original sealed container at 15 to 35°C

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