Anti-Fungus Synthetic Enamel

Product Scope

Buxly Anti-Fungus Synthetic Enamel is a water resistant and fungus resistant finish applied on primed surfaces. It gives a smooth, egg-shell finish when applied on mild steel, concrete and wooden surfaces.

Product Application

Buxly Anti-Fungus Synthetic Enamel is mostly used in pharmaceutical industries and dairy farm industries.

Technical Information

Type Single Pack
Viscosity @ 25° C 90 Seconds Minimum Ford Cup B4
Binder Type Blend of Synthetic Resins
Color Off White and Pastel shades
Application Brush/Spray/Roller
Average Spreading Rate 9–11 m2 per liter per coat
Drying Time a) Surface Dry : 1-2 Hours
b) Recoat : 16 Hours
c) Hard Dry : 18 Hours
Fungus Resistance Resists fungus growth in damp corners and on walls in areas of continuous high humidity; however washing with chemical treated water should be done regularly
Number of Coats 2–3 Coats
Finish Smooth, Matt/Egg-Shell
Flexibility Flexible over 6 mm mandrel
Salt Spray Resistance Resists more than 240 Salt Spray primed M. S. surface
Storage Stability One year when stored properly in hours, when tested on a system as original sealed container
Packing 4 and 20 Liters pack sizes

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