Alkali Resisting Primer Sealer

Product Scope

Alkali Resisting Primer Sealer holds back alkali and moisture in new plaster. It is ready-to-use however, if required, mixing thinner can be used for thinning but it must not exceed 1 liter per 4 liters of primer.

Product Application

Apply two coats of primer on plaster or rough cement render under 3 months old.


Available in 3.64, 14.56 and 20 liters pack sizes.

Technical Information

Type Single Pack–Air Drying
Composition Synthetic Alkyd Medium with White Pigment & Fillers
Viscosity by STORMER Viscometer @ 25°C 100–106 KU
Specific Gravity 1.40–1.46
Application Brush/Roller
Thinner Kerosene/Turpentine Oil/Mixing Thinner
Surface Dry Time 2–3 Hours (Depends on Temp. & Humidity)
Hard Drying Time 24 Hours
Recoating Time Minimum 16 Hours
Finish Matt
Color White
Coverage 10–12 m2 per Liter per coat depending on surface absorbency and porosity
Shelf Life As long as the container is kept firmly sealed and stored under normal condition, the material can be kept
up to 18 (eighteen) months without deterioration

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