Heat Resisting Thinner

Product Scope

Buxly Heat Resistant Thinner is a blend of solvents of highest purity specially designed for use as solvent for a number of two pack products as well as some specialized single pack products including Buxly Heat Resistant Enamel. Buxly Heat Resistant Thinner is also an excellent surface cleaner prior to paint application.

Product Application

Buxly Heat Resistant Thinner is composed of a blend of mineral oils with highest level of percentage purity.

Technical Information

Type of Product Single Pack
Priming Coat Not applicable
Specific Gravity 0.87–0.89
Grind Not applicable
Pack Viscosity Not applicable
Gloss Not applicable
Color Water white
Flash Point 23°C
Packing 4, 20 and 200 Liters pack sizes


  • Stoving heat resistant enamels
  • Epoxy coatings

Storage and Handling Precautions

  • Keep away from heat and spark sources.
  • Store under shade, away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the containers closed in storage.
  • Never breath the dust, mist, gas and vapors from the container.
  • Use the paint in ventilation.
  • Store below 35°C for best performance.
  • As long as container is firmly sealed and stored under recommended storage conditions, product can be used within 1 year of manufacturing date.

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