Buxlac Matt Finish Enamel

Product Scope

Buxlac Matt Finish Enamel is a superior quality lead-free solvent based alkyd enamel for interior and exterior applications. It is a blend of selective pigments and extenders in special alkyd medium incorporated with specialized additives to give the coating exceptional hiding, coverage, smooth finish, easy brush ability and excellent durability.

Product Application

Buxlac Matt Finish Enamel is a multi-purpose product and it can be applied on concrete, wood, steel and plaster etc.

Technical Information

Type of Product Single Pack–Air Drying
Pack Viscosity 200–220 Seconds @ F4 Cup @ 31O C
Specific Gravity 1.15–1.23
Color Assorted
Application Method Brush/Roller/Spray
Number of Coats 02–03
Solvent/Cleaner Buxly’s Mixing Thinner or kerosene oil
Lead (Pb) Test Negative
Surface Dry Time 02–03 Hours
Recoating Time 16 Hours Minimum
Hard Drying Time 24 Hours
Coverage 13–15 m2/Liter/Coat (Depending on surface porosity)
Gloss 10–12 % @ 60° C SHEEN Head
Finish Smooth

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