217 Automotive Lacquer

Product Scope

Buxly 217 Automotive Lacquer is well reputed for its excellent car refinish and weather resistant properties. This auto lacquer is a high build coating and when properly applied, its expected life is longer and much better than many NC type auto lacquers. 217 gives full gloss after compounding and polishing.

Product Application

217 Auto Lacquer is applied as a finish on primed surfaces. It is applied by spray at 2 – 3 atmospheric pressure, it can be thinned with high octane petrol, but for better results we recommend Buxly’s Thinner 217, however 217 can be thinned with markets standard thinners. Good results are obtained at 18 – 22 seconds viscosity @ Ford Cup B4. Minimum 2 coats are recommended.

Technical Information

Type Single pack
Composition Synthetic resins blend. Light fast and weather resistant pigments
Application Spray
Drying Time a) Surface Dry : within 20 Minutes
b) Recoat : 08 Hours
c) Hard Dry : 12 Hours
Average Spreading Rate 8–9 m2 per Litre Coat
Number of Coats 2–3 Coats
Finish and Gloss Smooth, gives fullmgloss after compounding and polishing
Thinner Buxly’s TH–17 or hi octane petrol
Flexibility Flexible over 6 mm mandrel
Salt Spray Resistance Resists more than 240 hours, when applied as a system on steel
Weather Resistance Resists more than 1000 Weather-o-metre hours, when applied as a system
Packing 0.91 and 3.64 Litres pack sizes
Storage Stability One year when stored properly in original sealed container at 15 to 35°C

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